Marine layer keeping coasts comfortable, hot in the interiors

Sun Hot Weather.png
Posted at 4:17 AM, May 16, 2023

Good morning, Central Coast! Happy Tuesday!

To kick off your Tuesday the same pattern that set up over the weekend with heat in the interiors and warmth tempered by the marine layer at the coasts.

Dense fog is expected for many coastal valleys and beaches. While it is less expansive than yesterday the marine air will keep coastal regions much more moderate through the day.

Yesterday Paso Robles climbed up to 86 degrees, today low 90s are expected. Coastal valleys will also see their temperatures climb a few degrees. 70s will be widespread, some lingering high 60s are possible at beaches that favor cooler temps (looking at you Cayucos).

This warm up is all thanks to a combination of a large ridge of high pressure keeping sunshine in place and more crucially, keeping any large cold fronts away from us. There is a small low pressure towards our south east that is aiding in some offshore winds as well.

The high pressure is so expansive though that in combination with that low is allowing for some return flow to push unstable air from the desert Southwest into the eastern portions of the Central Coast. This is important as it pushes small chances of thunderstorms into our region. They are just about the farthest thing from likely but there is still a 10-15 percent chance of storms forming in our eastern mountains.

The heat will continue for the rest of the week with the marine layer cooling temps across the board a little more late this week into the weekend. That will bring a cooling trend for the entire region by early next week when high will dip back towards normal for this time of year.

Have a great day!