Marine layer pushes into the interiors, cools temps significantly

Thunderstorm brewing in Ventura county
Posted at 6:12 AM, May 23, 2023

Good morning, Central Coast! Happy Tuesday!

To kick off our morning there is more marine influence across the region, it is pretty similar to previous days when we think about time extent but where it differs is in spatial extent and how it will impact us in the long term.

The marine layer is intruding into the interior valleys, that will keep temps significantly cooler today as the dense and damp air sticks around even once the fog lifts. Check out this map of fog coverage, unlike most mornings it is extending further east and is spilling into the interior valleys.

The dense marine fog from this morning had enough water embedded in it that for many we got light drizzle. This happens frequently when fog (already at it's saturation point) is pushed upward with elevation changes or other large scale shifts. Here are some of the drizzle totals from across the area. For a better look check out this link.

This change will keep clouds in most valleys and coasts across the region but even when the fog lifts and afternoon sunshine peaks out the cooler and denser marine air will continue to temper highs across all communities. Across the board interior valley temps will fall the most when compared to Monday. Coastal valleys have seen significant marine cloud cover for several days, keeping the change minimal today.

The reason for the deepening marine layer and cooler temperatures is a trough of low pressure dropping in from the Pacific Northwest. This is giving the onshore winds enough "oomph" to press the cool dense marine air onshore and create a thick enough layer to spill over the Cuesta Ridge.

Temps will fall a little bit more Wednesday and Thursday with continued marine influence. Late this week a weak high presure will move in and begin to banish the marine influence from the interiors and warm temps a little. This will not be a fast transition but by Memorial Day some 80s are possible in the interiors once again, alongside more abundant sunshine!

Have a great day!