Marine layer returns Monday

Posted at 5:10 PM, May 09, 2021

Temperatures remained above normal for several areas Sunday, with most areas seeing sunny skies as well.

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The sunshine won't last for long however, as the marine layer is making its return.

Low clouds and fog will be widespread tonight, with slow clearing Monday.

weather model 59.PNG

Strong onshore gradients create slow clearing of the marine layer. Beach areas will likely remain cloudy through the afternoon.

Widespread, locally dense fog with visibility under one mile is expected in some coastal areas and out on the water.

Poorest visibility is expected in overnight and morning hours.

For Monday night through Wednesday, offshore trends allow for better/quicker clearing Tuesday and Wednesday.

Winds are expected to increase to gale force this afternoon out on the water.


Temperatures wise - the strong onshore flow and more extensive marine influence will cool coastal/coastal valley areas a few degrees on Monday, while interior sections may warm.

All areas are expected to warm Tuesday and Wednesday.

Have a great week!

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