Mild temperatures into the weekend with cooler weather on tap next week

Posted at 3:46 PM, Feb 17, 2022

The Central Coast is again in a pattern we've seen a lot of over the last couple of months. A ridge of high pressure has built back over the region producing cool overnight lows and above-average highs. The pattern encourages offshore night and morning winds and moderate afternoon onshore winds.

Interior valleys will again be near freezing with upper 30s to mid-40s for lows closer to the coast. Highs will be in the 60s to 70s into Sunday before we start to see a lot more onshore flow and cool temps early next week.

The pattern is interesting in that there is a mid-level low working around the ridge to our west. Air flows from high pressure to low pressure so this feature will also encourage offshore flow thru the weekend. Late Sunday into Monday a cold trough digs into The West and brings onshore winds back and some marine layer re-development is likely.

The trough will also shoot a low-pressure center thru the Central Coast later Monday into Tuesday. After a week of offshore flow and the fact that this low-pressure center doesn't track over water severely limits rain potential. Looks like a few hundredths of an inch here and there but more than anything I think most folks will note the cooler temps in the lower 60s and wind along with some larger waves. In many ways, this looks a lot like the Tuesday system that just moved thru here.

The potentially good news is that despite the 8-14 day outlook looking warm and dry there are models showing potential for March rainfall.

The CFS showed several inches of potential which is badly needed after the January and February rain disappointments.