Monsoon moisture looms to the east, increases humidity for interior valleys

Posted at 6:08 AM, Aug 15, 2023

Good morning, Central Coast!

To kick off your Tuesday morning there is more dense fog across our beaches and coastal valleys. Unlike previous days though the cloud cover is likely to stick around until mid-day across the western beaches and the Santa Barbara County southcoast.

Temperatures in coastal areas will stay more comfortable today with highs in the 70s but as that cooler air is cut off in the interior valleys highs will climb into the triple digits today.

Interior valley highs in the triple digits are nothing particularly special. But, today it will feel a bit more uncomfortable than usual due to added humidity that is in place thanks to a large area of monsoon moisture across the region today.

The combination of an upper-level low-pressure system off of our coast and a strong high pressure in Texas is drawing hot and moisture-laden air into the desert southwest.

For the areas shaded in dark green, heavy downpours may bring some regional flooding. Light green will see some thunderstorm chances and for us. Well, other than warmer winds moving in from the east, very little. We may see some thunderheads in the distance as rain chances pick up slightly in the Central Valley.

This overall flow pattern will continue over the next few days, but activity looks too far east and south to be a local concern.

A pretty significant trough develops off the California coastline Thursday through the weekend which will flatten high pressure and allow cooler temperatures to return to the interior.

The extended forecast looks like we could see some big changes as tropical activity may make its way to us with the soon-to-be tropical storm Hilary. This looks to turn towards us and bring a small chance for some remnant-related moisture sneaking into our region Monday through Wednesday. I don't think the models are in enough agreement yet to put this into the forecast but I, as well as Dave Hovde, will be keeping a close eye on it.

Have a great day Central Coast!