Monsoon moisture nears the Central Coast, extreme heat persists

Sunrise over Port San Luis
Posted at 4:35 AM, Jul 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-18 17:03:23-04

Good Morning Central Coast!

To kick off the work week, we have some interesting weather to contend with as our extreme heat interacts with monsoonal moisture to our east. This is actually creating a few showers off the coast of LA into the Channel Islands. This small shower is moving north slowly, if it holds together a little longer we could see light rain along our south coast (YAY!). Unfortunately, if the system holds together enough it will produce little more than a few raindrops at most.

Visibility is good across the vast majority of the region. Morning dense marine fog is limited to pockets near the Five Cities region as well as quick-moving pockets along the SBA south coast.

Temperatures today will still be extremely hot, especially in the interior valleys where there is a chance for more triple digits. Coastal valleys could climb to the low 80s, western beaches will be in the 60s.

That pattern will continue through Wednesday and temperatures will warm back up through then as well. For the interiors, that means upper 90s for the next week, coastal areas will be in the 80s to mid-70s and the beaches will be in the low 70s to 60s.

Once we get to mid-week, temps will start to fall, but for the interiors, the temperature drop will be minimal only sliding into the low 90s. For the coastal valleys and beaches, things will sit in the low 70s to lower 60s.

Have a great Monday Central Coast!