More 70s in the forecast the next couple of days

Sunny skies near Cero San Luis
Posted at 3:45 PM, Nov 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-15 19:27:28-05

While much of Southern California will be bracing for a major wind event, we on the Central Coast are just on the edge of it.

The SoCal event is a legit Santa Ana, some NE winds 30-40 with gusts 45-65mph are possible from tonight into Wednesday evening. High wind warnings have been issued for the event from Ventura County into Southern California.

Locally, no advisories yet but looks like parts of the Santa Ynez Mtns. could see advisory-level winds and I wouldn't be shocked to see an advisory added for that area.

For most of the Central Coast north of the Santa Barbara County Southcoast I think the winds are more like 10-20 with locally higher gusts, under advisory criteria.

This will help produce highs in the lower 70s for many on Wednesday and even Thursday.

Overnight lows inland continue to hang around freezing. No advisories are posted but anyone concerned about the edge events on freezing is advised to continue to monitor the lows this week (especially inland, or deep coastal valleys).

The next question is: will it rain Thanksgiving week? Several models are sticking to their tune of "no". However, it needs to be pointed out there are models like the EURO that suggest a little splash and dash Wednesday could be in the cards. (Pictured below is a frame of the EURO showing the rain potential, the other graphic the cumulative GFS for 16 days showing no rain at all)

I'm leaning dry as recent EURO outlooks have been a little optimistic compared to event outcomes. I do have an open mind, however, and I'll be watching to see how all major models continue to see the middle of next week. But at best even the optimistic outlooks only suggest minor rain accumulations.