More mild weather continues

Central Coast skies
Posted at 4:28 PM, Nov 02, 2021

In fall California can get all kinds of weather ranging from windy and hot to calm and cool. The current pattern is a bit of a mix, mild temperatures with cloud-sun mix. After an early start to the rain season we've had more rain system misses than hit since then and the upcoming forecast has more ofthe same. There is a chance at some rain next week but models have differed with the timing of the potential system.

Wednesday could be the warmest day of the forecast with some morning offshore flow, but not particularly strong. Thursday another in a string of decaying cold fronts moves thru the area likely only leading to clouds. A similar decaying front moves thru around the weekend. The next effect of all this will just be to keep temps mild. Night and morning clouds look to be rather regular at the coast and some interior valleys.

Late Monday into Tuesday looks to have some potential according to models but again this is not a high confidence feature right now due to some model inconsistency. I'll keep an eye on it.