Morning rain Thursday will give way to cooler conditions this weekend

Coastal rain
Posted at 8:41 AM, Dec 09, 2021

Thursday morning started off with a large system of rain moving in from the north. This storm will not only bring measurable rain to the Central Coast but also cooler air that will stick around into the weekend.
The rain will continue to move southeast through Thursday morning.

When this storm is all said and done up to a quarter of an inch of rain is possible with localized increased accumulation along some north-facing ridges.
Along the south coast, a bit of a rain shadow has developed leading to much less rain from this system.

Thursday's system is very quick moving and is more of a splash-and-dash go at precipitation. Behind the front, much cooler conditions will persist with high temperatures only a few degrees warmer than overnight lows.

Cooler conditions will stick around through the weekend with mostly clear skies during the afternoon hours.
Early next week a low-pressure system well to our north will mix up the forecast significantly by bringing an impactful rain event to the Central Coast.
While the system is still quite distant many models agree that impacts will be felt along the central coast.
Here is what we know so far, this system will be felt over Monday and Tuesday of Next week with large rainfall totals.

Current forecasts show 1"-3" inches possible in coastal valleys and up to 5" locally in spots that tend to see more rain along slopes where more orographic lifting takes place (think regions like Rocky Butte).
With this amount of rain debris flows on burned areas are not out of the question alongside some pooling of water and possible local flooding.
We will keep a close eye on this system going forward.

Behind the early week system, more sunny skies are expected.
Have a fantastic Thursday Central Coast and enjoy the rain!