Much needed rain will reach the Central Coast by Thursday morning

Clouds over the Central Coast
Posted at 4:34 AM, Apr 20, 2022

Good morning Central Coast! We made it to Wednesday, here is what is on tap for our day ahead.
To kick off the day the marine layer is quite robust, this is pushing in low clouds to much of the regions coastal valleys and beaches ahead of dawn. We could see some limited visibility on some roads for the morning commute but the effects will be limited in scope.

Those same clouds will stick around for some throughout the day. Temperatures will cool slightly as compared to the past few days due to the clouds sticking around. The only exception to that trend today is the Santa Barbara County south coast where strong sundowner winds are continuing and keeping them a few degrees warmer.

Wednesday evening more dense clouds will push onto the coast as a cold front approaches with our next rain chance.
Scattered showers will ride along the front as it reaches the Central Coast by dawn Thursday. Showers will start in the NW portion of San Luis Obispo county first. They will then spread over the region bringing light rain through much of the morning. There may be a bit of a mid day rain break but by the evening the second portion of rain associated with the front will push through. That section has the chance for some heavier rain but it will not be as widespread. The rain will clear out b the early morning hours on Friday.
All said and done this system has the potential to bring half an inch of rain to some of the slopes in NW San Luis Obispo County, closer to a quarter inch to most of the Central Coast and weaning rain is likely to only bring a tenth or so to the south coast of Santa Barbara County.

Once the rain clears Friday skies will clear and much warmer conditions will push in for the weekend and into next week.
Have a great Wednesday Central Coast!