Offshore winds pick up across the Golden State

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Posted at 4:04 PM, Feb 01, 2022

Some early low clouds have cleared and the Central Coast sure looked a lot better than yesterday under the cloudy skies. We are starting to see the beginnings of another significant offshore event for SoCal. The Central Coast will not be the focus of strong offshore winds however they should be strong enough to promote more sunshine and ultimately warmer temperatures given a few days.

There is a trough moving thru the region into early Wednesday, this will help promote the early part of the offshore event. An upper low should track offshore on Friday and some air should flow into the low keeping some offshore wind going.

Already this evening the Sundowner flow across Santa Barbara county will peak near 45mph, close but likely not widespread enough for an advisory (it is honestly quite close on criteria). In Southern California it is an easier call and a number of advisories are already in place.

Temps are currently at a lower stage and should warm into and thru the weekend into Monday.

More offshore flow is expected to continue into next week keeping us generally warmer than average and dry.

Models are looking bleak about significant rain into mid-month if not longer. Not only are we losing our early season rain surplus now we are also melting snow too early and we are under 100% on snowpack after an early surplus as well.