On and off showers and thunderstorms are still possible this weekend

Leftovers of "Kay"
Posted at 10:26 AM, Sep 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-10 13:26:06-04

Kay is no longer a tropical storm, in fact, it is called post-tropical now so no more updates will take place from the National Hurricane Center. This was expected.

This doesn't mean we are done with rain however. The leftovers of "Kay" have input a lot of muggy and unstable air into the region. As that air still wraps around the low-pressure center off the coast, we can still see showers and thunderstorms and even a little bit of wind.

The rainfall thus far is unimpressive, but not unexpected. The Central Coast is on the edge of the activity. Our forecast range was for light (0 or nearly 0) to .70" for most folks near coastal regions and the interior, foothills, and mountains can see more. We are also not done with the activity yet.

As we warm this afternoon the atmosphere will destabilize a bit and activity should pick up. Folks heading to the Cal Poly game should be ready for a possible raindrop or more.

More scattered activity is likely Sunday. Modeling continues to show the SB County hills and mountains with some significant potential in the afternoon and evening Sunday.

Scattered means not only on and off activity but also activity scattered throughout the area, so some folks may see almost no rain while others get a good shot.

Temperatures will also be rather warm today for coastal areas so a heat advisory is in place. A wind advisory is also in place for western parts of SB county. The only other local advisory is for high surf relating to "Kay" 4-7 foot breakers are possible this weekend.

Next week temps stay down with some warming toward next weekend. I mentioned yesterday that near the end of the month some models show more heat potential. Also the big news is that a triple-dip (3rd year in a row) LaNina is likely. This ocean water condition can cause winter rains to be less active in California and the Central Coast, this is a concern for water management and drought.