Our current heat-related advisories set to drop tonight but another heatwave begins later this week

Posted at 4:49 PM, Jul 17, 2023

It's starting to look like we won't get much time off from the heat in the interior. The excessive heat warning and heat advisory for interior areas will drop at 11:00 PM tonight.

Interior temperatures will drop generally into the 90s over the next couple of days but still be above average. Another heat event with daytime highs 100 to 106 begins on Thursday for the interior of San Luis Obispo County.

This next heat event looks to last into late next week if not longer.

The good news is coastal areas and beaches will continue to see marine influence holding temperatures in the 70s and 80s with 60s and 70s at beaches.

The Climate Prediction Center’s 8 to 14 day outlook also reinforces the message that interior heat will be a factor moving forward.