Overcast skies start off the week with cooler and cloudy conditions

Overcast skies in Morro Bay
Posted at 10:08 AM, Jan 31, 2022

After a weekend with a mixed bag of clouds and sunshine we are right back to more cloud cover Monday to start off the week.
These overcast conditions are associated with a large slow moving system bringing clouds and onshore winds to the region.
While the clouds also brought more marine influence and cooler temperatures they also brought us a beautiful start to the week!

With a bit of cloud cover and fog for the morning the clouds will continue to get more dense and more "cloudy" as the day rolls on. By Monday evening the most of the clouds will be here, and will begin to dissipate by the morning.
Temperatures Monday will be 5-10 degrees cooler than Sunday with continued cooler conditions.

As soon as winds shift to the North that will push the clouds out of the region quickly. We will get a few more degrees of cooling out of the temperatures for Tuesday but sunshine will help to bring temperatures up quickly.

We will stay absolutely drenched in sunshine for the whole week and eventually climb back up into the 70s for a fantastic weekend!
Have a great Monday and a good week ahead!