Rain begins today, lasting through Thursday with more to come over the holiday weekend

Central Coast rain
Posted at 9:50 AM, Dec 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-22 20:45:22-05

Make sure that raincoat and umbrella are handy as a very active weather pattern has arrived on the Central Coast!
Overall temperatures will be a bit chilly and below normal for this time of the year across all communities.

Aside from the cooler temperatures, we will see a prolonged period of rain over the next few days with inches of rain expected and more storms rolling in over the next week leading up to the new year.
This is all caused by a plume of subtropical moisture that is fueling strong cold fronts with all the moisture they need to produce widespread rain. That being said the section of the pacific they are coming from doesn't have abundant measurements of the atmosphere, this is making the storm a bit tricky for models to figure out.
Rain will begin to form by mid to late morning along the Central Coast eventually spreading out and intensifying overnight.

Thursday morning the storm will separate into stronger but smaller formations bringing up to 0.5" an hour of rain at some points. Thursday afternoon the rain will spread out again. before moving south by Friday afternoon.
The system overall will bring several inches of rain. 1"-2.5 for the coast and valleys, 2"-4" for mountains with more possible to the north of Cambria.

We will have a short break Friday afternoon before another cold front will bring rain, albeit light rain, to the Central Coast on Christmas morning.

The more active pattern is signaling several more storms possible up through the new year.
Be sure to stay weather aware and have a great Tuesday Central Coast!