Rain, hail, and snow return to California as a cold storm system sweeps thru

Cambria storm clouds
Posted at 4:31 PM, Feb 22, 2022

Our storm system has already produced rain, hail, snow, and amazing rainbows:

January and February have been mostly a dud on rainfall this year. It isn't that there has been 0 rain, just a lot less rain than average in key delivery months of the year. The system moving thru the region right now isn't helping much. Thus far only light rainfall has been reported.

There are interesting elements to the storm, however. This system has the potential to deliver some rare low snow levels to the Central Coast. Snow levels will drop tonight to around the 1500ft. level.

This could deliver snow to the SLO foothills and even potentially the interior valleys, accumulations are even possible. I doubt this will be a blanket event, more of a spotty snow shower event. The temperatures also introduce the potential for icy roads. Winter weather advisories are in place for both the SLO interior and mountains and the high country of Santa Barbara county. Winds are strong but only strong enough for an advisory for the SB Southcoast thus far.

The morning commute could be interesting should snow fall or ice on roads develop. We highly encourage folks to use our news and weather apps and have notifications turned on for watches, warnings, advisories, and any advisories for dangerous road conditions.

The storm moves out quickly Wednesday. It is possible the highest elevations of SB county could see some afternoon convection with unstable air left behind but this should be isolated activity away from populated areas.

When skies clear Wednesday night into Thursday and again Thursday into Friday the low temps inland may drop into the lower 20s. Coastal valleys will likely also see some scattered frost and freeze conditions. Folks with ag interests or tending sensitive animals or plants should heed the low temp forecast.

Temperatures moderate as the weekend arrives and the extended forecast does have the return of 70s for high temps in it.