Rainy, windy weather ahead

Posted at 5:10 PM, Dec 21, 2019

It was quite the dark and gloomy day Saturday, with very limited sunshine for most areas.

We also had some strong wind gusts Saturday, with some places seeing gusts over 30 mph!


South to south east winds are ramping up Saturday night ahead of the storm making its way in.

Gusts are forecasted to be over 40 mph in several parts of the Central Coast Sunday, prompting several wind advisories.

watches 2.JPG
watches 1.JPG

The rain is expected to begin early Sunday morning and continue through Thursday night.

micro 1221.JPG

During this time temperatures will be remaining below normal.

Our first set of storms is expected to be Sunday through Monday.

Peak rainfall rates are generally expected to remain at or less than .50" an inch per hour but isolated thunderstorm potentials aren't out of the question.

rain potential 1221.JPG

Rainfall totals through this time are anticipated to be .50-1.50".

Snow levels will also be lowering at this time, with potentials to get down to 4500 ft.

Tuesday will be a transition day before the next wave of showers make their way in.

5 DAY 1221.JPG
5 DAY 12221.JPG

Time to bring out the umbrella!