Several wind advisories issued ahead of winter storm

Posted at 5:34 PM, Nov 24, 2019

It was a gorgeous day across the Central Coast Sunday with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures.

Wind gusts were still an issue however, with some areas getting over 40 mph gusts.


Winds are going to be big concern as we head into Monday.

Several advisories have been issued including a high wind warning, a gale warning, and a high surf advisory.

advisory 11231.JPG
advisory 1123.JPG

Surf heights are anticipated to be 8-12 feet through the rest of Sunday before briefly tapering off Monday morning.

By Monday afternoon, surf heights through Wednesday could be 10-15 feet.

Along with these concerns comes our gale warning, meaning wind speeds in our outer waters could be 39-54 mph.

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As our winds stay strong, our temperatures are starting to decline.

Everywhere will see a several degree drop in temperatures Monday, a trend that's only going to get lower as the week continues.


We're still anticipating to see the start of the large winter storm Tuesday night going into Wednesday, but rainfall amounts have now started to go down.

rain potentials 1124.JPG

The National Weather Service is estimating .5-1" of rain on our coasts and valleys and 1-2" in the mountain areas.

The first brunt of the storm is expected to be the strongest with chances for thunderstorm activity.

The rain rates in the thunderstorms may be high enough to trigger some minor mud and debris flow but the National Weather Service says we should know more about those concerns as we get closer to Wednesday.

Temperatures will be below freezing in several areas throughout the week before warming slightly by Saturday, where rain chances could return again.

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It's going to be a wild week of weather - hold onto your hats!