Some inland areas could be near 110 Friday and an excessive heat warning goes into effect

Posted at 4:49 PM, Jul 20, 2023

The warmest 2 days of the next week are coming Friday and Saturday where some inland temps will likely be between 105 and 110 degrees. This is a big forecast for folks planning to attend the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles.


Our current heat advisory ends Friday morning, then an excessive heat watch takes over from Friday morning into Saturday evening. Temps ease to 100-105 range Sunday into Monday and cool further Wednesday and Thursday to just under 100 degrees.

The prolonged heat event again is a risk to public health, and we'll also elevate fire weather concerns throughout the region. Preparedness, diligence, and common sense are all advised during this next heat wave.


Much like the last several heat events beaches and coastal valleys are not covered in any advisories as temperatures will not be life-threatening, in fact, they'll be mild.


Coastal valleys will range from the 70s to lower 80s as will the South Coast. Daytime highs at most beaches will remain in the 60s throughout the rest of the week and the coming weekend.


Marine clouds will be in and out of beach communities and near coastal valleys but some deeper coastal valleys will warm to the 80s as high pressure builds over the next 2 days.


The Climate Prediction Center continues to think above-average temperatures are likely in their 8 to 14-day outlook.


The excessive heat in the interior is due to the return of an upper-level ridge. Strong ridging in the upper atmosphere redevelops and the high amplitude ridge looks to remain in place for several days before weakening slightly around the middle of next week.


There may be some day-to-day variations in the strength of the ridge resulting in temperatures going up and down a little bit but generally, it will be hot in the interior cool at the beaches and warm in the middle.