Storm system exits leaving cool air behind

Pismo Beach with sunshine after the storm
Posted at 4:27 PM, May 04, 2023

We are pretty happy with our forecast for the system, a few days of more off than on showers then the Wednesday into early Thursday shot of rain and the system departing.

“Up to 1 inch” was the forecast for most with a general hugging of the median. I think that is pretty much what we saw.

Moving on, we are left in the trough of cold air still over the Central Coast. The surface NW flow now brings in some cool air for the next few days before the trough starts to slowly lift out and the temps warm a little. We’ll see the return of some 70s, especially inland, next week.

There will still be a few systems marching thru The West to our north into next week. This will keep high pressure from getting very strong, and with some onshore flow, the warming will really be muted.

Some light winds later tonight into Friday morning could produce some low clouds in some spots, but should burn off to a variable clouds kind of day. The weekend looks alright but on the cooler side Saturday with some warming starting on Sunday.

Nothing in sight for more rain thru the 7-day forecast.