Sunny conditions, comfortable temperatures return to Central Coast

Cayucos on a sunny day
Posted at 4:22 AM, Oct 05, 2021

As we hit the second day of the work week, most warmer areas of the Central Coast have started to cool, but temperatures will continue to fall over the next couple days.

The cooling trend for the Central Coast is officially here. Most parts of our area have seen temperatures fall about 5-7 degrees from Monday, and that trend looks to continue into Wednesday and Thursday. San Luis Obispo is sticking around the mid to upper-70s with sunny skies throughout the day on Tuesday. Santa Maria will be looking at highs in the low-70s with a lot of sun as well.

In the 5 Cities region, temperatures will range from 66 degrees and sunny in Pismo Beach to 73 and sunny skies in Nipomo.

The Santa Ynez Valley will see some fairly fall-like temps ranging from a little cooler at 69 for a high in Vandenberg to a warmer 82 and some sun in Solvang. Lows will sit in the low-50s overnight.

The North Coast will see temps in the low to mid-60s on Tuesday; a great day to head to the beach and get some pics with sunny skies.

Some marine influence could return Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning for some of the Central Coast. Pockets of mist and drizzle are expected mid-week and beyond.