Temperatures rise this week but next week could see rain return

Posted at 5:57 PM, Apr 24, 2023

The Central Coast went into the weekend relatively warm but temps cooled to begin this week. The rollercoaster continues this week as temps again rise, and even further than they did late last week. Inland temps likely hit 90 later this week while coastal temps also warm but it’ll be muted warming due to ocean moderation.

This morning we saw some low clouds in the interior and at the coast, we’ll likely see less of that tonight (with the possible exception of the Santa Barbara County Southcoast). The ridge of high pressure starts to build Tuesday and Wednesday but becomes quite large and amplified later this week, and that is when the warmest temperatures are likely.

The coast and beaches will benefit from this ridge but it is not a powerful offshore wind generator. We’ll see some offshore wind in the night and morning hours but as the landmass heats there will be afternoon and evening onshore flow stopping the temps from rising to any extreme levels.

Marine layer will likely start to firm up once the transition to the high-pressure ridge sets up, we'll see coastal clouds in the night and morning hours will likely clear quickly each day.

So for the next few days, beaches in the 60s and some low 70s with coastal valleys in the 70s (some warming to the lower 80s later this week) and interior temps in the 80s rising to the low90s by the weekend. Southcoast temperatures in the mid-70s Wednesday into the weekend.

 If you like that forecast enjoy it. Models are showing potential for rain in May. Initially, the trough of low pressure digs out to start the month, and perhaps a few showers are possible but the trough and activity thru it look to continue. Over the last few days models even show rather interesting potential around the 10th of something more than a shower.

Even if rain doesn’t develop this pattern would produce below-average temperatures. These extended forecasts can change a lot this time of year, including big flip-flops but this output is starting to show up more consistently leading to at least keeping it as a development to watch.