Temperatures warm driven by offshore winds

Posted at 5:40 PM, Apr 20, 2023

The Central Coast has been on the cool side with only a few exceptions over the last few months, but Thursday finally saw temperatures start to pop. Much of the area saw temperatures run into the 70s, with some mid-70s reported.


Night and morning winds will be out of the NE 10-20mph with some areas experiencing some locally higher gusts but none of the winds will be likely to exceed advisory criteria.

Winds shift back onshore in the afternoon as the landmass warms creating localized and temporary low pressure which fires up the seabreeze. When the landmass cools after sunset the offshore resumes. This will be the case thru Friday and part of Saturday.


Friday looks to be the warmest day for beaches and near coastal valleys, but inland temps will likely still climb Saturday. The region looks to cool exiting the weekend as the ridge of high pressure moves on. In fact, as early as Saturday some marine influence should start to return to the coast, but it looks more significant Sunday into early next week as onshore winds become more predominant.


Inland temperatures look to drop after Saturday back to the upper 70s and low 80s and hover near that much of next week.


Not much to say about lakes and drought. The lakes are full or nearly full and the drought was eliminated some time ago due to the heavy rainfall this rain season. It is too early to see either lake reduction or any increase in drought even though rains have stopped.