Temperatures will continue to slowly turn the corner

Posted at 10:54 PM, Apr 05, 2023

Not a lot of exciting news in the current weather pattern, we'll warm a little more on Thursday but cool again Friday as several cold fronts move thru the Pacific NW. Rain is possible in Northern California but the Central Coast is too far south to get in the game on rain at this point.

Weak ridging Saturday will bring a few degrees of warming to some areas, mainly inland, but continuing onshore flow and marine layer stratus will temper any warming at the coast. Additional warming Sunday will push warmer temps into the mid to upper 70s but some places like beaches wil likely sit in the 60s.

A low-impact weather pattern continues into next week.
Monday and Tuesday will feature more 70s for the warmer areas but some coastal valleys will back off into the low to mid-60s by mid-week. Beaches will also likely stay in the 60s with more marine layer formation looking likely.

Generally quiet weather continues until we get into the mid-month timeframe where models are beginning to speculate several more rain systems are possible. The models have been consistent in spinning up more activity but inconsistent in the "when" and "where" and "how much" categories. At this point, the mid-month timeframe just bears some watching.