Temps are expected to peak midweek with the warming trend taking place on the Central Coast

Sun over wine country in SLO County
Posted at 4:34 PM, Aug 13, 2023

Hello, Central Coast! Happy Sunday.

We are currently seeing temps warm up and temps are expected to peak midweek. Inland areas could see similar conditions that we saw in the last heatwave we experienced on the Central Coast. There is some rain and possible lighting activity taking place east of the Central Coast, but it is quite likely that we may not see much rain. Night through morning low clouds are expected to return once again. Let's dive in!

According to the National Weather Service, there will also be some afternoon clouds over the mountains with possible showers and thunderstorms taking place east of the Central Coast today. The thunderstorms will be between 3 pm and 7 pm today, and there's a low chance those storms will move into interior valleys in SLO County. Although, we could see some possible moisture moving to the west of the Central Coast.

Our 7-day forecast model indicates that for the first part of the week, temps are expected to slowly crawl up and peak on Wednesday. The National Weather Service says that the upper low that has been persistent along the Central Coast moving northwest, allowing high pressure to push in from the east.

Paso Robles is expected to see conditions similar to the previous heatwave we had in the inland areas, as they will have a high temperature of 101 degrees on Wednesday. While other areas are also expected to see temps above average by midweek.

With these warmer conditions expected to pick up along the Central Coast, the chances for any heat advisories or warnings being needed are very minimal.

We are also expecting to see night-to-morning low clouds and fog for areas closer to the coast.

The upper-level winds have been coming down to the Central Coast from the north and are helping to bring in cooler and more marine air. The interior valleys aren't seeing those winds, which results in why they are staying warmer.

Inland areas are going to see some gusty conditions Monday afternoon. Wind gusts are expected to move up to 34 mph in Paso Robles around 3 pm. While areas closer to the coast will see wind gusts below 20mph.

If you are planning to head out of town for this upcoming work week, regional high temps in California for tomorrow remain quite warm. Triple-digit temps are expected for areas in Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield, and Palm Springs. Meanwhile, Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo will range in the 80s.

Have a wonderful Sunday, Central Coast!

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