Temps climb into the weekend, triple digits on the way

Bluff trail at Montana de Oro
Posted at 6:43 AM, Aug 25, 2023

Good morning Central Coast!

To kick off the morning there is significant cloud cover and dense fog across much of the region.

This will not impact the morning commute too severely, that being said it will limit heating, much more comfortable morning conditions are expected.

Today coastal valleys look to be in the 70s to about 80 degrees with interior temperatures in the lower 90s. Picture perfect in my opinion!

Saturday we'll see temperatures bump a few degrees up from Friday's daytime highs but Sunday we'll see 80s and potentially 90s in the coastal valleys while interior temperatures return to the triple digits.

Triple-digit heat inland looks likely through at least the first half of next week. In fact, highs 100-106 are possible and heat advisories may be needed. Coastal valleys will teach to see temperatures generally in the 80s for the first half of next week while beaches will be in the 60s and 70s.

The overall pattern is about to change. We heave been heavily influenced by a series of low pressure systems in the pacific. Next week a strong ridge of high pressure will back into the region from the SouthEast. This is the "why" to the extreme heat next week.

Later next week cooler temps are expected although they will stay above normal for this time of year.

Turning briefly to drought, this weeks drought monitor is showing good news once again. All thanks to the extreme rain associated with Hilary last weekend much of SoCal was soaked with inches of rain. This allowed for large portions of the region to be downgraded from the lowest levels of drought to completely drought free.

At this point only 1.38% of the state is under Drought Stage and just 5.30% is in the "pre-drought" stage. Check out this week versus this week last year!

Have a wonderful weekend Central Coast!