Temps continue to cool into the weekend

Sunshine over Morro Bay
Posted at 4:37 AM, Aug 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-26 12:16:01-04

Good morning Central Coast! We are so close to the weekend, and with nearly perfect conditions expected it is going to be a good one!

Thanks to a small system passing through northern California more onshore winds will push onshore and continue to moderate our temperatures even in the interior valleys. That onshore gradient will take the marine influence that is bringing us some visibility concerns this morning to the beaches and coastal valleys this morning.

The fog itself will clear out as the sun rises to warm our region slightly but even though it will be clear the more dense marine air will still stick around and eventually be carried into the interior valleys by our onshore winds. In the process that will "temper" our interior temperatures to the low 90s in northeastern SLO county. Warmer temps are expected into the Cuyama valley but those too will be cooler than in previous days.

Coastal valleys will be in the 70s and most beaches will be in the low 60s.

This general pattern will continue over the next few days with the addition of more cool air into the interior valleys. That combined with a slightly more robust low pressure system from the Pacific Northwest will drop temperatures even more making for mid and low 80s for our weekend highs in the interior valleys.

That same system will drop coastal valleys into the 60s and will push the beaches into the 50s with lots of cloud cover that will struggle to clear even into the afternoons.

Next week we will reverse that pattern and push back up towards the triple digits in the interiors by late week.

Have a great weekend Central Coast!