Temps continue to warm into next week and excessive heat warnings and a heat advisory remain

Filtered Central Coast sun
Posted at 4:47 PM, Sep 02, 2022

It is no secret it is hot in the interior with more temps near 110 on Friday. The weekend looks equally hot in the interior but the big change is that coastal valleys will get in on the hotter weather this weekend.

Beaches and near coastal valleys have been seeing night and morning low clouds and afternoon clearing this week which has kept temps reasonable (even cool in some places).

The weekend offers a different forecast for these folks. As high pressure builds the marine influence will be vastly diminished. Beaches look to be into the upper 70s and 80s for the weekend and coastal valleys should be in the upper 80s to mid to upper 90s. The coastal valleys have a heat advisory from Saturday morning into Monday evening while the excessive heat warning inland remains in place into Wednesday evening.

Coastal valley temps slowly fade after the holiday weekend but inland heat remains 100+ into at least Thursday of next week. Friday likely narrowly avoids triple-digits.

There is actually a slight risk of thunderstorms for the Central Coast. Today modeling is showing the easterly mid-level flow potentially steering some thunderstorm activity across the Southcoast. There is a small chance later Saturday and a slightly larger chance Sunday. The high heat destabilizes the atmosphere as warm air likes to rise, there is also enough moisture east of here to help fuel potential thunderstorms.

The end of next week is interesting (potentially).

Models have given us inconsistent guidance but this one solution has shown up a few times: we will have to watch for tropical leftovers in the eastern Pacific Basin. The current modeling shows the leftovers of a hurricane or tropical storm near the SoCal shore late next week. This could mean clouds, muggy air, showers, and thunderstorms. Prior runs showed this occasionally but also showed other alternatives including a stronger trough in the PacNW helping to steer this away but also ending the heat wave. Regardless this will be an interesting part of the forecast to monitor.

Again, we encourage common sense during the weekend heat: avoid peak heat, hydrate, monitor kids, the elderly and pets. Many heat issues are cumulative so monitor not only the high temperature of the day but also note all portions of the day where heat is greater than your comfort level.

Fire risk is higher during heat as well. Report anything quickly.