Temps inland will be on the move Friday thru the weekend

Posted at 5:55 PM, Aug 03, 2023

We have one active advisory into Friday morning, and it isn't for heat, it is for wind. Pass and canyon winds in SW Santa Barbara county will be 20-35 with gusts to 50 and 60 mph this evening.

Temperatures already got a boost on Thursday with inland heat returning to 90 degrees, that’s still 4 degrees below average but still 10 warmer than it got yesterday.

Temps look to warm more over the next three days: near 100 Friday, 100-105 Saturday, and 100-108 Sunday. Monday should still crack 100 in the warmest parts of the interior.

No advisories are out yet but Saturday and Sunday are candidates for some type of heat-related advisory in northern SLO County.

As for beaches and near coastal valleys mild weather will also continue for a couple of days before temperatures make a move this weekend. Coastal valleys like San Luis Obispo could see temperatures in the mid-80s to nearly 90 over the weekend while beaches should see generally 70s for highs and some other coastal valleys will be 70s to lower 80s. For the Southcoast, we'll see temperatures near 80 the next couple of days perhaps just a degree or two shy warming into the low 80s for the weekend and then backing off a degree or two early next week.


The pattern producing the current mild weather is a southwesterly flow aloft. This pattern usually produces roughly average daytime highs around the area. But this southwesterly flow is nudged into a ridge throughout the weekend. The ridge access peaks on Sunday as well the surface high pressure. That will dramatically reduce the depth of marine cooling.

This new ridge does not last for long, weakening on Monday and more significantly falling apart on Tuesday as a trough moves into the Pacific Northwest returning temperatures to sub-100-degree readings inland.