Temps warm this week but fade as the weekend arrives

Cool and partly cloudy skies in California
Posted at 4:30 PM, May 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-03 20:34:31-04

There aren't many changes to the forecast that Vivian and I have been presenting this week. We expect temperatures to bump up over the next couple of days as a ridge of high pressure shoots across California. This is not a sustaining ridge however and by Friday the upper-level flow is zonal (west to east) which will stop temps from rising into extreme territory.

Over the weekend the jet stream starts to sag into a loose trough but by Tuesday a strong mid-level trough is over the area and not only do temps cool but look below average. Interior temps which will either hit or approach 90 over the next few days likely won't hit 70 early next week. Coastal high temps will hit or near 80 over the next few days but also be in the mid to upper 60s early next week.

The temperature changes at the beaches will be muted a bit due to the marine influence but temps in the upper 60s and low 70s the next few days fall into the lower 60s early next week.

The week started off with some pretty strong wind and over the next few days that looks to change a bit. Winds will turn more northerly (and some northeasterly) shifting west in the afternoon Wednesday and Thursday and slow a little. This subtle change will be one of the reasons temps increase near the coast. Inland winds look lower early in the day but become more westerly in the afternoon up to 15mph. We have experienced some SW winds which have stay up well into the evenings but this should shut down with the ridge building in. There will be some patchy marine cloud cover near beaches in the night and morning hours but likely limited elsewhere.

Sunday looks windy with onshore winds bringing in the cooler air for early next week.

Now the trough for early next week looks strong but it really is just a cooler-weather-maker. It lingers most of next week.

In the longer-term outlook, I don't see any changes. It looks like a series of low-pressure systems hit NorCal for some showers and cooler conditions there but locally just act as a temperature brake against any extreme temperature increases.