The Central Coast to warm while elsewhere the country plunges into potentially deadly cold

Sunset over the Central Coast
Posted at 4:40 AM, Dec 20, 2022

Good Morning Central Coast!

To kick off our Tuesday there is a bit of cloud cover filtering into the region that made for a beautiful sunset last night but this morning is also bringing some patchy dense fog. Ahead of dawn this will mostly be in northern SLO county interior valleys but will spread south a bit through the early morning hours.

The week got off to a somewhat cool start with a lot of highs in the lower 60s, Tuesday looks similar with some early areas of low clouds to be replaced by partly cloudy skies most of the day.

There is a weak low-pressure system to our west but it has to crawl over a high of high pressure and is unlikely to do anything locally other than produce clouds.

After that, a ridge of high pressure builds, at first the flow is northerly and highs pick up into the mid-60s but as the high-pressure ridge really amplifies this weekend temps will jump. We'll see most places in the upper 60s and low 70s for the Christmas weekend. There will even be some scattered low 80s in the LA Basin. The warm weather lasts early next week but cools later after the ridge slides east.

Thanks to that persistent high pressure system we will be kept warm and mild while the rest of the nation faces dangerously cold temperatures and a large storm. In some of the upper mid west this week and the holiday weekend could bring wind chills to -50.

It looks like a series of weak cold fronts fly thru the Central Coast just before the new year. While a few showers are possible, nothing strong or direct is likely. It is more likely this march of cold fronts is more impactful to just drop temps. Showers sure, but no big storms appear likely.

Have a great day Central Coast!