The Central Coast will again dance with the marine layer for Independence Day

Satellite view of the Central Coast
Posted at 4:13 PM, Jul 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-04 20:45:37-04

The Central Coast has been experiencing some mild conditions for Independence Day but also quite breezy.

The winds are strong enough for a wind advisory for the SW portion of Santa Barbara county thru 6am for some winds gusting past 40mph.

The million-dollar question today, like most July 4ths, is: what about marine clouds in the evening. Low clouds can interfere with good fireworks viewing. Well, the news isn't great for that.

This afternoon clouds lingered at some beaches despite generally breezy to windy conditions.

Winds often mix out marine clouds but today that process isn't full. This can imply when winds slow the cloud deck should become more pervasive.

Modeling is showing an early surge of low clouds at the beaches and near coastal valleys. The cloud bases might be high enough so that fireworks can be visible underneath the clouds. I wouldn't call conditions ideal at all, but I've seen much lower and pervasive cloud decks. Conditions inland look great, clouds are likely but not until well after fireworks displays are done.

In terms of the forecast, night and morning clouds with afternoon clearing is the forecast for both the coast and interior thru Wednesday. The second half of the week we'll see warming, especially inland.

The reason for the cool weather is a trough just off the West Coast. This encourages inshore breezy conditions with a deep marine influence capable of reaching the interior.

This trough lingers into Wednesday but lifts north for the second half of the week. This will return inland temps to the triple digits in the extended forecast.