The weekend gets off to a warm start but cools a little Sunday

Old Creek Road Cayucos
Posted at 4:47 PM, Apr 29, 2022

The upcoming forecast is not exactly a thrill ride: temperatures look to go up and down over the next 4 or 5 days with no real trend establishing. This is actually not a bad thing, no extremes are likely.

As April grinds to an end and May begins the statistical likelihood of significant rain diminishes from about 1" for the month in April to less than half that for most of the area in May.

We are already experiencing common spring weather conditions like night and morning clouds with afternoon clearing and the wind. Spring winds on the Central Coast are common and over the next 4 or 5 days, you can expect afternoon winds of 15-25mph for coastal areas, and late afternoon winds in the interior valleys.

The onshore winds are like free air conditioning with water temperatures in the 50s the wind passes over the water and cools the air, that air comes to the landmass and keeps temps from getting too hot.

Saturday the Central Coast looks generally warm (but not hot) with highs in the 70s to nearly 80 in the coastal valleys with mid-80s inland. Beaches will remain in the 60s.

Sunday will cool a little, especially in the coastal valleys as an upper-level disturbance passes to the north and introduces more marine layer. Inland temps will cool a few degrees in response as well.

The jet stream pattern shows small little waves in the jet and these smaller waves are why temps will go up and down into later next week when a larger cooling takes place around Thursday.

In terms of rain, I don't see any. The long-term charts continue to show a series of cold fronts passing too far north to bring rain here but that series of fronts likely will keep temps from getting very extreme.

The long-term models are not optimistic about May rain, but that is not a big surprise as May is generally fairly dry and LaNina is still active which also generally depresses rainfall in our region.