The weekend weather will be warmer and less windy

Posted at 5:02 PM, Apr 14, 2023

The Central Coast began this week with some very windy and cool conditions and while the temperatures moderated the winds were with us most of the week. Friday was less breezy which allowed some temperatures to warm.

There is a trade-off with lower winds, this time of year it will bring the marine layer back into play. Night and morning marine clouds at the coast look likely, and interior night and morning clouds are also not out of the question. The interior will be the warmest over the weekend with highs in the mid 70s. Coastal valley and Southcoast temps will likely be in the mid-60s Saturday and lower 60s Sunday for the Central Coast (with more marine influence) while the Southcoast likely warms Sunday into the upper 60s or low 70s.

Into next week Central Coast temperatures cool a little while Southcoast temps hover around 70s degrees, going up and down a few degrees by day (not real trend).

For the Central Coast there will likely be some warming later in the week.

The deeper extended forecast continues to feature generally progressive weather (no pattern setting up for long). One potentially significant change however: we’d been looking at a potential system sometime around the 24th, but now it looks like a ridge will pump over the area at that time and the only chance locally looks to be around the very end of the model run (on the 27th). You don’t want to make bets on the last frame of a model run.

I’ll say this about the deeper extended forecast, I think on the front side the series of systems moving into the PacNW will likely keep temps either near normal or slightly under. We’ll see about the ridge around the third week, that would potentially warm us but this is the first time it really showed up in modeling, so I’ll want to see it more before I believe that either.

Suffice it to say, generally quiet weather looks to continue.