Thursday could see a little rain but the forecast is turning dry for a while

Pismo beach with January sunshine
Posted at 3:29 PM, Jan 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-18 23:21:33-05

The last few days were a much-needed break from the rainfall for the Central Coast. We could see a few showers early Thursday from a front moving thru the area but it is not going to be a significant rain event. In fact, once the early showers (if any) depart we'll likely see some sunshine.

The forecast does stay on the cooler side in general thru the weekend and into next week. Most computer models agree there should be a mostly dry run of weather thru the end of the month. The issue moving forward will be occasional strong winds. After the front passes Thursday high pressure comes in a produces some offshore winds for Friday.

The pattern will keep temps a little cooler than average thru next week.

We do have some high surf and some coastal flooding potential continuing.

Breaking waves of 8 to 10 feet are likely thru Friday for the west-facing Central Coast with the highest on the west to northwest-facing beaches.

Dangerous rip currents are expected for most beach areas.

There is also a Coastal Flood Advisory until Friday at 10pm. Flooding of seawater is likely over vulnerable low-lying coastal areas such as parking lots, beaches, and walkways.

Significant damage to roads or structures is NOT expected.

Minor coastal flooding is possible around the time of morning high tide, causing inundation of seawater in low-lying coastal areas and minor beach erosion. Even higher tides are forecast for Thursday through Monday with tides 7.4 feet or higher, peaking Friday through Sunday near 7.7 feet between 8 AM to 930 AM. Coastal flooding is likely to persist through early next week.