Thursday will see many temperatures hit the mid-70s if not higher in a few places before weekend changes

Posted at 6:06 PM, Feb 08, 2023

Wednesday much of the Central Coast experienced daytime highs roughly 10 degrees above average.

Thursday looks as warm if not warmer.

The weather producing the high temperatures is a ridge in the upper atmosphere along with surface high pressure. This produces offshore winds in the night and morning hours before the landmass heats up and shuts the offshore down (or slows it significantly).

Thursday should see interior valleys hit the 70s (after starting the day in the 30s), Southcoast temperatures should hit the mid-70s and some coastal valleys of the Central Coast should hit the mid-70s if not threaten 80. Beaches will also shoot into the 70s.

This should be the last day of temps this warm. Friday the high-pressure ridge weakens and temps come back a bit but I think still qualifies as warm.

Enjoy it, because Saturday brings a cold front, a low-pressure system, and an upper-level trough which will drop highs back into the 50s and lower 60s. There should also be some showers. After days of offshore winds, the airmass will be pretty dry but the arriving air is very cold so some showers are still likely, most places should stay under .25" (some higher elevations could exceed that).

Some models indicate that not everyone will even get rain due to the preceding weather.

The system is done by Sunday morning and temperatures start making a rebound Sunday and Monday. After that modeling shows a mid-week cool down next week with some heavier rain potential around the end of the month.

Nationally there will be a significant cold weather blast just after Valentine's Day. This could bring snow as far south as Mexico and freezing conditions to Florida if it shakes out as most models indicate. Plenty to keep our eyes on in the deep extended forecast.