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Fall for all: Temps will start chilly but will warm up toward Halloween

Posted at 8:56 AM, Oct 26, 2023

Good morning, Central Coast!

We have made it to Thursday and as a reward wonderful conditions are set for this morning! Thanks to a strong cold front that plunged south from the Pacific Northwest our temps (especially overnight) have fallen substantially.

This has also helped to banish the dense marine fog that impacted much of the Central Coast over the past few mornings. There is still some dense fog, but it is minimal in comparison to Wednesday morning.

Highs today will be on the cool side (as compared to normal) in the interiors only reaching the low 70s. By the coasts and beaches, the discrepancy is a little less noticeable but still temps are low with upper 60s and low 70s in the coastal valleys and low 60s at the beaches.

Friday will have the chilly temps similar to today but with a whole lot of fog and drizzle in the morning. Think Wednesday morning, take two.

This weekend, winds should pick up from the northwest keeping things pretty cool through Sunday.

Then, by Monday we can expect things to get a bit warmer as some Santa Ana winds roll in and heat things up along the Central Coast.

The warm-up will bring temps closer to normal in the interiors with abundant sunshine for Halloween!