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ROLLER COASTER TEMPS: Upper 90s fall to chilly temps this weekend

Posted at 4:58 AM, Oct 18, 2023

Good morning Central Coast!

To kick off the morning many coastal valleys and beaches will be dealing with some dense fog. Limited visitbility is expected across all beaches and coastal valleys but particularly in western Santa Barbara County.

Due to this concern a dense fog advisory has been issued for portions of the Central Coast through 9 a.m.

That marine fog will help to keep temps a bit lower but that will only help out the beaches. Interior valleys will see extreme heat build in this afternoon with many locations reaching the upper 90s.

All of this warmth can be attributed to the large high pressure system that is sitting in NorCal bringing strong morning offshore winds, abundant sunshine and compressional heating to boot.

Thursday temps will warm up even more as the system pushes East. That will keep all the "heating components" mentioned above in place but will then add a southerly component of the winds, bringing in already warmer air.

Asside from the heating focus needs to be given to the coasts. A large system is brewing in the northern pacific and is creating significant wave energy that is on its way to us now! Breaking waves 10-14 ft with localized sets up to 16 ft are expected this evening through Friday morning. Take caution!

Friday things will start to change, the ridge of high pressure that has brought us all this unseasonable weather will move east and onshore northerly winds will take over. Highs will fall to at or slightly below the averages, and Sunday looks to be below average with most of the area in the 60s and 70s.

Early next week looks cool as well with the interior valleys staying in the lower 70s with the coastal valleys in the upper 60s and low 70s and beaches in the 60s.

Have a wonderful Wednesday Central Coast!