Tropical leftovers are nearly done influencing local weather as mild air is poised to rule this week

Cayucos rainbow from Saturday
Posted at 3:26 PM, Sep 12, 2022

The former hurricane and tropical storm "Kay" did manage to make some interesting weather for the Central Coast this week/weekend. Saturday was a warm and muggy day and in the evening showers came down for parts of the area.

Sunday was quiet for many but not in the Cuyama Valley where a severe thunderstorm caused flooding. But this was the most energetic local activity, and also well-forecasted as that area was noted as an area of concern in my forecasts. Our general range of light to .70" for most of the coast verified with higher amounts in foothills and mountains. We noted the wide variations in totals likely. That is what we saw. Some saw very little rain while others were close to 1". (Certainly in the flooding area more than that likely fell, but just not on a reporting site).

So, what is next? Well, we are not entirely done with "Kay". Today modeling is showing the Cuyama Valley could see some re-development for a few hours and even Tuesday at the highest elevations of the Santa Ynez mountains could see a few drops. However, essentially for most this tropical event is ending to be replaced by cool air. Yep, that's right cooler than average weather looks to set up.

One cyclonic flow around the leftovers of Kay ends a westerly flow in the jet resumes. This will usher in marine clouds at the coast (and with enough depth to get into the interior Wednesday) and the west flow with a few small troughs are likely for the balance of the week to keep temps mostly below average.