Warm and dry weekend ahead

Morning fog in San Luis Obispo
Posted at 4:43 PM, Oct 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-01 20:41:41-04

A challenging forecast since the marine influence actually help beach temps down today but not far away from beaches temperatures were warm again, much above average in most coastal valleys and slightly above average in the interior.

It is a complicated pattern since the night and morning offshore push is weak to moderate, not exactly a slam-dunk that the push will be enough to kick out beach clouds over the weekend. So, like today, beaches will likely be in the 60s over the weekend while the coastal valleys hit the 80s and inland valleys hit the 90s. Monday also looks warm (but slightly cooler than the weekend) before cooler weather develops for the second half of next week.

Mid-range models are starting to like some rain chances. First SoCal could see a few once an upper level low off the coast of California moves back over land on late Monday into Tuesday.

However, the better chances are all after the 7th when a series of cold fronts with a deep trough over The West looks possible.

I need to say as I always do with these longer-range outlooks that this outlook will likely change quite a bit as we draw closer to potential events since there is a big difference between "math storms" in a computer and actual rain on the ground but the signs are encouraging at very least.