Warm Christmas weather is still on tap but rain is looking likely not long after the holiday weekend

Posted at 8:52 PM, Dec 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-22 23:52:04-05

In stark contrast to the rough national weather preceding Christmas, the Central Coast has been about as quiet as it gets in winter. Temperatures again today still broke into the low 70s in a few places while the majority of the area was in the 60s.

Friday looks very similar but temps warm from there into Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We've already seen some 60s and low 70s, but mid-70s are possible over the Christmas weekend.

Interesting weather changes follow Christmas. I think Monday will still be warm with some highs in the upper 60s and lower 70s.

Tuesday however will likely see increasing clouds and rain likely in the afternoon or evening.

The trend in computer modeling over the last few days has been to build some higher expectations about the post-Christmas rains.

There will likely be a series of storms: one on Tuesday and likely two more as we head into 2023. The timing after Tuesday gets a bit tricky with some models disagreeing on timing but most models like several rain events. In essence, the first system looks wet with some additional splash-and-dash systems into early 2023.

The modeling that came in this evening got even more excited about rainfall. Earlier runs today were .5-1.5", but current evening models like as much as 3" on the high side. There is still some time to refine this forecast to finish the year and begin 2023.

The weekly lake level update showed a little movement in both directions. There hasn't been much going on so this was expected. The U.S. Drought Monitor also had no change at all week-to-week.