Weekend temperatures start to slide

Posted at 5:56 PM, Nov 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-05 20:56:54-04

The week closed with some warmer than average temperatures for the Central Coast and interior valleys but Southcoast temperatures were mired in the lower 60s due to fog and low clouds.

A dense fog advisory has been posted for the Southcoast thru 10am Saturday for visibility inside 1/4 mile at times. Sunday also looks to have more low cloud potential so don't be surprised if another advisory is needed to cover late Saturday into Sunday morning.

Higher waves for the Central Coast of 10-14ft remain possible thru 9pm and a high surf advisory is in place, but even though waves will shrink there is still a pretty big tide in the morning of higher than 6ft. so some minor beach erosion is possible or pooling of water on the beach.

Weekend temps start to skid a bit after Friday's warmer than average temps. Beaches return into the 60s and some lower 70s Saturday and cool additionally Sunday. Coastal Valleys will be in the 70s Saturday and 60s Sunday with more marine influence. Southcoast temperatures look to be in the 60s due to the marine influence and clouds.

Monday looks similar to Sunday for conditions and temperatures. Tuesday a cold front knives thru the area and models are back to liking rain and potentially significant amounts. Rain will likely range from lighter totals for the Southcoast to 1+" potential along the NW coast of SLO county.