Weekend weather features below average temps inland

Posted at 5:55 PM, Sep 17, 2021

Two troughs have impacted the weather for the Central Coast this week. If you recall the week began with inland temps near 100 but ended with highs shy of 80. Average inland temps this time of year are near 90. The weekend looks to feature temperatures in the 70s to about 80 before making a boost next week with the return of high pressure and the corresponding shrinking of the depth of the marine layer.

At the coast, this general trend also follows but marine layer has been around all week so the differences are subtle. Weekend temperatures should generally be in the 60s and the beaches and 70s in the coastal valleys.

The pattern producing all this is interesting. The first in a series of troughs passed thru during the middle of the week and lingered bringing the first stage of the cooling. The deep and more fall-like trough moves thru Saturday with the cold front. This will deliver rain to far NorCal but the front dissipates on its trek north to south down the coastline. Locally I don't think rain is likely, maybe just some mist and drizzle near the coast with partly cloudy skies elsewhere.

Sunday is the toughest call on temps because we will be post cold front but in a transition to high pressure. So later day winds are likely, I bumped temps up a little but not much. I think the significant warming is more likely Monday and Tuesday, first at the coast then inland.