Winds push and pull on Wednesday and become strong in the evening

Cambria clear skies
Posted at 4:18 PM, Mar 08, 2022

The week has been quiet thus far but I think winds will be the story on Wednesday. Morning winds look to push offshore and we'll see sunshine and the temps warm during the warming. But I think the winds will turn around in the afternoon and really pick up in the evening.

20-30mph winds from the NW are possible in the evening. The wind shift should happen early enough to keep temps from warming too much, some places could be a little shy of average on Wednesday for highs.

The pattern Thursday shows an inside slider in the jet stream to our east on Thursday powering some N winds 15-25mph. More sunshine in the forecast but this will likely be the last gasp for the cold trough, it moves out after this.

Friday thru the weekend the ridge to the west will slide east and power a warm-up. I do think some coastal morning clouds are possible over the weekend but sunshine in the afternoon should start a warming trend into early next week.

The mid-range models for the next 16 days is still playing the same song: showing a series of cold fronts hitting NorCal for showers but locally we are in the dissipation area and dynamics don't appear to favor anything other than a few passing showers in the extended forecast.

Since Jan. 1 the Central Coast has not seen much rain at all, and the seasonal shortages are likely to grow unless the forecast changes dramatically.