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You Can Now Design Your Own KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Posted at 6:30 AM, Dec 05, 2019

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KitchenAid’s colorful stand mixers are countertop stalwarts in homes everywhere. Spotting one of these mixers with bold hues is a clue that you’ve walked into the kitchen of a dedicated baker, but these workhorses are also intergenerational — perhaps this is a mixer passed down from a parent or grandparent who loved to bake.

But the classic can now have a distinctive twist. KitchenAid’s mixer customization tool will let you create your own personalized stand mixer that no one will mistake for an appliance that’s been whipping up cakes and cookies for decades.

The customization tool lets you choose from 15 different bowls and 30 different body colors and gives you the option to engrave a maximum of 24 characters on the side of the mixer’s body. (I checked, and that’s plenty of room for “Cupcake bawse” or “Queen of all cakes” or “Wash dishes, earn a bite.”)

The standard stainless-steel bowl is included with the $279.99 mixer, but if you choose another option, you’ll be adding $59.99 to $84.99 to the cost of your custom stand mixer. There’s no extra charge for engraving.

Here’s a pastel Kitchenaid with the ceramic bowl in white mermaid lace from @kitchenaidusa on Instagram.

You could go for the mixer in ice blue with a ceramic bowl in whispering floral:


Or how about the bling of toffee delight with the quilted stainless-steel bowl:


Or guava glaze with the gingko leaf bowl:


Or twilight blue with a confetti bowl:


Not all of the bowls are in stock right now, so your choices are limited to fewer than 15 options if you’re shopping for Christmas gifts.

You can also add up to 26 attachments to your KitchenAid mixer, from an ice cream maker to an all-metal grain mill. These are discounted right now and cost from $9.99-$179.99.

The KitchenAid mixer is such a classic that this might all seem like too much to some folks. If you’re a die-hard fan of the straight-up colors with the shiny steel bowl, don’t worry, those are still as available as ever, as you can see below.

For those who don’t have a ton of counter and cabinet space, KitchenAid also makes a mini stand mixer. The 3.5-quart mixer in honeydew is $199.99 on Amazon right now.


Whatever you choose, your new KitchenAid mixer is sure to turn into a classic at your house!

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