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You Need This Luxury Cat Hammock In Your Life ASAP

You Need This Luxury Cat Hammock In Your Life ASAP
Posted at 10:02 AM, Jun 20, 2019

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They may be called the “dog days of summer,” but that’s about to change because cat-relaxation has never been this good. Sure, felines are known for their enviable napping abilities, but something like this new item will help them take those catnaps up a notch. And, with the hottest days of the year quickly approaching, now’s the time to make it easy to achieve the ultimate form of relaxation — napping in a hammock, obviously — for the furry friends in your life.

Theluxury cat hammock from Vea Pets is the product a proud cat owner never knew they needed, but once you see it there’ll be no turning back. Not only will this provide a comfortable resting place for your cat, but it also won’t clash with your interior design. In fact, with its wooden frame and plush fabric, it’s going to look way better than that litter box.

And, come to think of it — you might even get a bit jealous when you see your cat all curled up in this thing:

Vea Pets/Amazon

According to the product description, this cat hammock will hold up to 30 pounds and could work well for a small dog, too. So, you can purchase one for every pet in your household, if you really want to.

It’s currently available for $39.95 on Amazon and, based on the reviews, the purchase will be totally worth it if you’re hoping to wind up with one smitten kitten:

“My one year old cat likes it,” one reviewer wrote. “He’d sleep in a shoe box but this looks better in my house. It took him a little bit to figure it out but so far he seems happy with it.”

Vea Pets/Amazon

But, it’s also a great option for those kitties who turn up their nose to anything that’s not a plush surface covered in some luxurious bed sheets:

“The important part is that my cat … LOVES THIS! He’s really picky and usually prefers couch/bed to anything else but took to it immediately, we’ve had it set up for a little over 24 hours now and he’s been in it more often than not. Like … He came out of it to eat. But that’s it. He slept so soundly in it last night that I had to wake him up for breakfast.”

And in case you’re wondering if this —ahem — comes in human size, too, this Vivere version, also available through Amazon, will have you matching your cat’s lounging situation in no time. It’s available for $204.99 on Amazon, and it’s puurrrfect for setting up on a porch or patio, right next to your cat:


Should you be looking for something more suitable for indoors, you could also try out this EverKing hanging hammock chair that’s meant for indoor or outdoor use. It’s available for $42.99 on Amazon.


Cuddle up and let the cat-napping begin!

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