People head outside to enjoy New Year's Day on the Central Coast

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Posted at 4:25 PM, Jan 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-02 01:46:09-05

Many people are spending the first day of the New Year outdoors. Whether it’s taking a stroll through Preisker Park in Santa Maria or heading to the beach.

"We slept in late and we got up and had a little breakfast and then decided we’d take our little pup out for a walk,” said Bob Harris, who was at Preisker Park.

For Serafin Garcia, New Year’s was a perfect day to play some ball and spend time with immediate family members.

"We are very happy and thankful for our family and that's why we decided to come out here today to spend time with them,” Garcia, from Santa Maria, said.

Many people also decided to slide into the New Year in Pismo Beach.

"We got a lot of good memories down here and I’m sure the future is going to be even brighter, so we wanted to come here and enjoy the beautiful day out here, so we are keeping distance wearing our masks and being safe,” said Fresno resident Kevin Owen.

Northern California residents like Loly Aburto and Olga Arroyo said they woke up early to come down to the beach.

"We wanted to get out into the fresh air and just enjoy our weekend, so we just… last-minute planning and it worked out and here we are," Aburto said.

Aburto says what would typically be a first day of the New Year at Disneyland is now a day on the coast.

“Just making new memories for the new year 2021. We are blessed to have made it through 2020 even with all the trials that we went through and different things that we faced, but we are here and we are thankful,” she said.