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Central Coast businesses continue to close as the state enforces the purple tier status

Posted at 6:03 PM, Dec 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-01 23:11:31-05

COVID-19 has impacted small businesses across the country as well as on the Central Coast.

Many business owners have shut their doors for good and others are close to doing so. The recent jump back into the purple tier has left many local business owners in the dark.

"Since the pandemic has started we've had no other option but to survive," said Teresa Paredes, owner of Maya's Mexican restaurant in Santa Maria.

Some having to make the tough decision to close down.

One of those is Kay's Country kitchen located in Orcutt. They posted on Facebook they would not re-open again until indoor dining restrictions are lifted.

In Lompoc, The Wicked Shamrock is asking the community for support to pay existing rent and utility bills. The bar has only been open for four weeks out of the last nine months and is afraid they might have to close permanently.

Right next door the owner of Sandy's Tax and translation who's been in business for 40 years says she's barely getting by.

"It's been really hard the customers have been doing little by little and a lot of them haven't really done their taxes this year," said owner Sandra Dutton.

Dutton says the months when they are normally the busiest were impacted by the pandemic.

"But January through April is when we earn the money to survive and this year there were no customers,” Sutton said.

Although outdoor dining is an option to remain open some restaurant owners say with the cold weather comes more expenses.

"The wind started picking up some more our umbrellas would break our heaters would sometimes tip over the glasses would break we are having to constantly refill on propane tanks which that is an added cost," Paredes said.

A tough time for many local owners but Paredes said she's doing all she can do to avoid closing her doors.

"It's kind of one of those things I start seeing business is starting to drop-down again and I just hope that we can get through this winter and this storm that we are facing right now."

It's a tough reality that no business owner wants to go through.

Paredes said she did receive some funding that helped out but is still struggling.