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Morro Bay family with a unique living situation shares their concerns about virtual school year

Posted at 11:19 AM, Aug 17, 2020

With classes going virtual this year, parents and school districts are trying to adjust to the possible challenges they might face.

A Morro Bay family is getting ready for the start of the new school year, but say they are concerned due to their lack of connectivity.

"Since we are on zoom and the meet apps.. they take a lot of WiFi and on the boat, we can't get that so it's hard to do that so we have to come to the dock and theirs a lot of distractions either way," said Clint Bryan an incoming 7th grader.

Melanie Burgess and her family have been living aboard a sailboat at the Morro Bay harbor for six years.

When schools went remote earlier this year due to the pandemic Burgess noticed connectivity issues with the hot-spots that were provided. That led her to look for other ways to help her children finish the school year.

"At the beginning of this whole COVID-19, we had access to the whale watching boat here in Morro Bay and we were able to use that classroom as a place for my children to set up," said Burgess.

But now with the whale watching boat back in business, libraries closed, and coffee shops limiting customer's time inside, Burgess says she's worried about her kids getting the education they need.

"For my daughter especially to maintain her education shes required to be on Zoom starting at 9 a.m.," said Burgess. "Attendance will be kept and she has to be able to be available to have strong WiFi to do such things."

It's a unique situation that San Luis Coastal Unified School District Officials say they are willing to work with.

In a statement, they say:
"From a general place, we are happy to help families brainstorm solutions and help them look for ways to make it work and always encourage them to reach out if a problem presents itself."

Burgess and her family say they will continue to look for other ways to make this upcoming school year work and will keep in touch with the district for other possible options.

San Luis Coastal says they encourage parents or guardians of any students having any technical issues to reach out to their tech center.

Phone: 805-549-1250 or email at techhelp@slcusd.org if you are experiencing any issues with your student’s device.