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Triple-digit heat over Interior Valleys this weekend

Posted at 3:16 PM, Jun 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-26 18:16:54-04

It's going to be a warm weekend for many across the Central Coast but especially our Interior Valleys as high pressure strengthens across the western states.

Our Interior Valleys hit triple digits on Saturday and will continue to see warmer temperatures going into the weekend and early next week with highs near 110. The warmest days are expected to be Sunday and Monday.

Coastal areas will also see some warmer temperatures this weekend but there will be some light onshore flow expected making those temperatures stay between the 70s and 80s

There is an Excessive Heat Warning for those Interior Valleys and mountains within San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.

Winds are also picking up in the Santa Barbara County Mountains with Norwest to North Winds expected to be 15 to 30 mph with gust up to 45mph.

All of this combined will significantly increase the potential for heat-related illnesses for those working outdoors so it is important to continue to drink plenty of fluids and take extra precautions.